AACS 2015 Meeting
AACS 2016 Meeting
AccretivePAS Materials
Aluna Artisan Hemp – Branding 
American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery - ‘Where Science Meets Success’ Annual Meeting
American Community Bank '16 Report
American Osteopathic Association - ‘Career Compass’ Campaign
American Osteopathic Association - ‘Protect’ Campaign
American Osteopathic Association - ‘Why We Belong’ Campaign
Anchor Advisors & Enmast - Branding & Marketing
Anchor Advisors Identity
AOA Career Compass Campaign
AOA Member Brochure
AOA Member Video
Artisan Bags - Branding
Artisan Bags Identity
Axion Risk Management - Branding & Marketing
Axion RMS Identity
Bartkowski – Branding, Messaging & Positioning
BatesMeron Brochure
Benary - ‘Be Inspired’ Magazine
Benary - ‘Do It Big’ Magazine
Benary Be Inspired Magazine
Benary Do It BIG Magazine
Brilliance Gets Brighter
Bubble Berry Identity
C+R Research - ‘People Power’ Campaign
C+R Research 2016 Omnishopper
C+R Research People Power
CDW Merchants
Chicago Flower & Garden Show - ‘Flowertales’ Event
Chicago Flower & Garden Show - Branding, Marketing & Website
Chicago Flower & Garden Show – Branding & Marketing
Cloudbakers - Branding, Marketing & Website
CT Mechanical - Branding & Marketing
CT Mechanical Identity
CULTIVARIS – Branding, Marketing, Sub-brands
Distinctive Schools — Branding, strategy & marketing
Dustless Identity
Dustless Technologies - Branding & Marketing
DX Learning Solutions - Branding, Marketing & Website
EnMast Identity
Farpoint — Website Redesign
FLASH — Digital Ad Campaign
Flower & Garden Show 2012
Flower & Garden Show 2015
Flower & Garden Show 2018
Flower & Garden Show Website
Fredman Design Group - Branding, Marketing & Website
Fredman Design Group Identity
Fredman Social Media Video
GA Paving - Branding & Website
GA Paving Identity
Gallant Website
Global Breadfruit Website
Happy Spectacular Identity
Happy Work Spectacular Life - Branding & Marketing
Hart Schaffner Marx Marketing
Hemingway Chimney Portfolio by BatesMeron Sweet Design
Hemingway Chimney — Branding, Marketing & Website
Hobson Institute Identity
Holiday Honey
Hula Berry Identity
IA Captain Annuity Infographic
IA Fund Faceoff Infographic
IA Infographic Series
Insights in Marketing - ‘I’m Your Connection’ Campaign
Investment Answers - Branding, Marketing & Website
Investment Answers - Infographic Series
Investment Answers Identity
A thumbnail image linking to the K-12 Coalition branding portfolio.
K12 Coalition — Multi-Organizational Branding 
Kitchfix - Branding, Marketing & Website
Kitchfix Identity
Kitchfix Waffle Packaging
Kocsis + Caster Maintenance – Trade Show Booth Design & Video Production
Lundbeck - ‘The Lundbeck 7’ Campaign
Lundbeck Values
Mérieux NutriSciences - ‘Feed Your Appetite for Science’ Campaign
Midwest Construction Identity
Navy Pier Infographic
Next Begins Now
OIC 2013 Las Vegas Video
OIC 2014 Austin
OIC 2015 Miami Video
OIC 2016 Terranea Resort Video
OIC 2017 Camelback Video
OIC 2018 Amelia Island
Old Red Truck – Branding
Olive Marketing
Options Industry Conference - Amelia Island
Options Industry Conference - Austin
Options Industry Conference - Los Angeles
Options Industry Conference - Miami Beach
Options Industry Conference - Scottsdale
Pacific Plug & Liner - ‘Camp Perennial’ California Spring Trials
Pacific Plug & Liner - Hula Berry
Pacific Plug & Liner - Planthology Collection
Pacific Plug & Liner - Savour Basil
Parkonect – Branding, Marketing & Website
Pita Inn — Branding, Marketing & Website
Porter Pipe & Supply - Branding, Marketing & Website
Porter Pipe & Supply Identity
PP&L 2012-2014 Catalogs
PP&L 2014 California Spring Trials
PP&L 2015 California Spring Trials
PP&L 2016 California Spring Trials
PP&L 2017 California Spring Trials
PP&L CAST — Event Branding
PP&L Planthology
R&M Consulting - Image Brochure
R&M Image Brochure
Rally Insurance Group - Branding, Marketing & Website
Ralph H Simpson – Branding
RCN - ‘Chicago Neighborhoods’ Campaign
RCN - ‘Home is Here’ Campaign
RCN - ‘Valentines’ Campaign
RCN Home Is Here Campaign
RCN Neighborhoods Campaign
RCN Testimonial Campaign
RCN Valentine Campaign
RedThread — Comprehensive Messaging, Branding & Design
REVCOR – Branding, Messaging & Positioning
Sakata Seed - Super Cal Petunias
Savour Identity
Savour Website
Spill the Bees
Spring-Fill – Branding
Super-Cal Identity
Takeda Cares Day 2015 Infographic
Takeda Cares Day 2016 Identity
Takeda Pharmaceuticals - Takeda Cares Day
Tax Technology Group Identity
This Is Jesus Worship Concert Series
Trading Tech Values Posters
Trading Tech Values Posters 2017
Trading Technologies - Brand Book & Principle Posters
Trading Technologies - Principle Posters
Trading Technologies Brand Book
Under The Staircase Book 1
Uplevyl – Branding, Marketing & Website
YETTER Infographic