Vivienne Apsey

Junior Designer Typeface collector. People-watcher.

Vivienne’s enthusiasm for design has taken her pretty far—from Detroit all the way to the Netherlands and back here to Chicago, as our Junior Designer.

For Vivienne, who goes by Vivi, design was the answer she had always been looking for. Growing up she dreamed of becoming an astronomer, but a toxic relationship with math and science got in the way. She tried her hand at playing the oboe for a while, yet the demanding practices proved tiring. Design was where it all came together, where all the boxes were finally ticked for her love of pondering about the outside world, personal discovery, making life more meaningful and getting creative.

Vivi pursued this passion for art and design at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, honing her skills at creating smart designs to visually satisfy her love of the details, from risography to pixel moving. Ask Vivi her favorite part of the gig, and you can bet she’ll say it’s typography—she’s got a whole collection of typefaces, either gathered herself through copious amounts of time and money or sent to her from one of her many connections in the design community (you could say she’s got the hook up).

Before joining our team, Vivi topped off her studies by spending time abroad in the Netherlands, learning Dutch design, history and out-of-the-box thinking that lends itself to her designs still today. Now, as part of our team, Vivi is getting to know another new city: Chicago. The experience has proved eye-opening, as she’s already amazed by the plethora of people-watching opportunities and the design inspiration found around every corner.

In her free time, aside from the people-watching (which she’ll admit is a bit of a habit now), Vivi likes to find new, funky typefaces, paint portraits, catch up on comedy podcasts and craft her recipe for the perfect bloody Mary. And if her bloody Marys are as good as her designs, we bet they’re pretty dang delicious.