Natalie Younger

Associate Creative Director Pun-slinger. Deep Gnome Ranger.

Above all, Natalie champions story. So it’s no wonder she is especially adept at casting our clients as the champions of their own.

The story of Natalie and BatesMeron? Well, that one is a romantic comedy (maybe even a musical). It was love at first sight and a lot of laughs since. When she’s not taking her glasses off and tossing her hair in slow motion, bursting into song or getting wrapped up in the leashes of multiple dogs, Natalie puts her storytelling power to work spinning strategies into copy that shines like gold.

We’d say she has a flair for the dramatic, but it’d be more accurate to say she has a degree in it...from The Theatre School at DePaul University where she received her bachelor of fine arts in theatre arts and creative writing.

Before going steady with us, Natalie played the field as a freelance ACD and Senior Copywriter. She was the craftswoman you called for big-idea campaigns that strike all the right chords, copy that makes strategy sing, experiential creative that feels like movie-magic, and more.

It really is a shame she doesn’t bring her wit, words and wonder to anything outside of the a career in Chicago’s astounding comedy, theatre and film community, a nasty DND habit, or a comedic history podcast or something. She also has three cats and a dog all named after scientists, but that feels weirdly antithetical to the rest of her personality.