M.E. Maloney

Jr Copywriter Boss of Boogie and Donut Devotee

Since she was just a tike, M.E. has been an "idea guy." When she wasn’t creating musicals with her younger cousins at family gatherings, she could be found drawing pictures and writing headlines on whiteboards at her dad's workplace after hours. Her hope was that some big-time executives would come in and recognize her raw talent, but the cleaning crew got to her masterpieces before any bigwigs could admire it. When her parents informed her that it was possible to make a living off creating advertisements and marketing materials, she knew it was the industry for her.

M.E. grew up in Evanston, IL and, like every other Evanston native, brings it up as often as possible. She was on the dance team in high school and is guaranteed to bust out some moves from time to time. She went on to study advertising at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she discovered copywriting wasn’t the verb form of copyright, but rather a way in which she could put her clever writing and quick wit to use in a profession. She continued to be an "idea guy" outside of class through her membership in on-campus improv and sketch comedy troupes and by hosting her own funk show on the college's radio station. With her impressive writing chops, creative energy, sweet dance moves and comedic stylings, it’s easy to see why the BatesMeron team snatched her up just after graduation.

When she's not listening to funk music or asking the audience for a suggestion of “a location in which people gather,” M.E. can be found painting, reading thrillers or watching Bob's Burgers. She has also been known to wave at every dog she sees on the street, tie her shoes in under two seconds and be aware of which donut place is nearest to her at all times (plus how long it would take to get there on foot vs. by car).