Kris Bates

Director of Operations Sci-fi and horror addict. Designated office picture-hanger.

When prompted with the question of what speaks to him, Kris replied, “I don’t hear voices. Anymore.” That’s Kris.

As our Director of Operations, Kris is a bit of a jack of all trades. We turn to him on the daily for help with everything from onboarding and offboarding to restocking our supplies to hanging pictures—and then re-hanging them when Becka decides where she really wants it.

The majority of Kris’ days are spent on HR and procurement, keeping our leadership team happy with organized spreadsheets and up-to-date employee records and keeping our creatives happy with a steady supply of everything from glossy paper stocks to La Croix. Every day our organization runs smoothly is a testament to Kris, who without his attention to detail and consistency, our office would hit some major snags.

He also takes care of managing the nitty gritty of our benefits and PTO needs, regularly revisiting our handbook to make necessary changes (like when we got two extra holidays. Thanks again, Kris). While his work is operational, his respect for creativity and strategy fuel a desire to get involved with our creative work. He often offers us a fresh eye or constructive feedback, and his extensive experience in web development makes him the go-to for a second opinion on our web designs and programming work.

When Kris isn’t busy keeping our office afloat, he enjoys reading and watching sci-fi, fantasy and horror. In fact, he strongly believes in the quote “You can't expect to wield supreme executive power just 'cause some watery tart threw a sword at you!” If you know what movie that’s from, then you’ll like Kris as much as we do.