Horacio Acevedo

Senior Designer Urban arts appreciator. Adrenaline junkie.

Though we may not see eye to eye with Horacio’s love of running, when it comes to design, he’s a perfect fit.

Horacio is a Senior Designer, born and raised in Chicago with a design style strongly influenced by the urban arts that surround him—the focus on bright colors from the graffiti scene, the swift movement of break dancers, the sharp sounds from DJs and the lyrical puns from the emcees that inspire strong visual identities. With that inspiration in tow, he’s always held an interest in the printing and development process of products and packaging design, leading to his career as a highly visual designer.

Horacio received his degree of fine art in graphic design at the American Academy of Art here in the city, where he fine-tuned his eye for clean, minimal and straight-to-the-point design that still nods back to his urban arts roots. In fact, the city is intertwined with more than his work—it’s the backdrop for Horacio’s adrenaline junkie tendencies, like running the marathon, and its where he’s slowly but surely building his home into the smartest smart house in the neighborhood.

He brings that same challenge-seeking mentality and love of the latest technology to the office as well. Before joining our team, Horacio was a graphic designer at two agencies, gaining deep expertise in areas including UI/UX and CPG design. Now, he uses those skills to work across disciplines and create our clients’ brand identities, websites, packaging, illustrations and everything in between. If it’s a packaged good or a website project, he’s who we turn to for best practices.

If ever Horacio can’t be found at the office, you can bet he’s out making his (second, or maybe third) coffee run of the day, searching for his next thrill-seeking adventure or going for a run. Like we said, he’s up for any challenge, and one day he hopes to run an ultramarathon. And while we can’t say we share his love of running, we’re willing to look past it. His designs are just too good.