Dan Wu

Web Developer Thrill seeker. Specialty cocktail crafter.

Dan never says no to a challenge, which is pretty much a necessary trait when we present her with our lofty design ideas and ask her to bring them to life across all computer monitors, mobile devices and tablets.

Dan spent most of her life in China, but after finishing her BS in Applied Mathematics at Shanghai Maritime University, she took on the biggest adventure of her life and moved to Chicago to learn an entirely new language and culture all on her own. Since moving to the city, she earned her master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction at DePaul University (i.e. she knows UI/UX like the back of her hand) and found a place on our staff as a Web Developer, creating sites with eye-catching interfaces and seamless user experiences.

While Dan always knew her skills were tangled in the web, she initially tried her hand at web design. She no doubt had a knack for it, but constantly faced with the frustration of seeing a live website that didn’t match her designs, Dan discovered her true passion for development. Now, she puts her respect for design at the forefront of her programming practices, always delivering a final site that is as highly functional as it is true to our work. She’s also constantly looking to push the envelope by offering exciting ideas for taking our designs one step further with her keen eye for programming and innate love for a challenge.

That love for a challenge extends to her personal interests as well. Dan’s always up for trying new things, from learning to play piano and crafting specialty cocktails to planning a trip to the South Pole and learning how to ride a motorcycle (something that gives us more anxiety than it gives her, but she promised us she’d wear a helmet).

As long as her adventures always get her safely back to programming on Monday, we support them.