Cameryn Berridge

Designer Fantasy Fanatic and Snake Charmer

Cameryn is an artist through and through. She has always had a passion for creating and gathering inspiration from nature. Since she was a child of the corn in Iowa, she has been an avid illustrator. She was once even grounded for doodling too much on her homework. Luckily, that didn’t stop her, and she went on to get a bachelor’s degree in art from the University of Iowa, along with a certificate in business management. Though her career is rooted in graphic and web design, she also enjoys painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpting, and animation. Seeing how well-versed she is in art and design; you can see why BatesMeron wanted her on the team!

When she’s not making art, Cameryn keeps busy weightlifting, longboarding, hiking, whipping up pies and tarts in the kitchen, and hanging out with her pet snake, Snoodle. Cameryn is a lover of small creatures like snakes, frogs, and lizards. She is a big fan of all things fantasy and enjoys learning about mythology and cryptozoology (Ask her about the Mothman sightings in Chicago). She’s also likely to chat you up about comedy and horror movies.

Though she is constantly inspired by the sights and sounds of city life in Chicago, she always appreciates making the trip home to see old friends and her three little brothers. Cameryn’s favorite people are sarcastic, humorous, witty and weird, which is perfect considering she works at BatesMeron.