Bonnie-Cate Culhane

associate creative director Board & Tabletop Gamer. Karaoke Knockout. Rule of Three’s Devotee.

When they’re not poring over maps to made up worlds or entertaining crowds with their rendition of Proud Mary, Bonnie-Cate can usually be found scribbling headlines and muttering about user experience.

After several years working brand-side, Bonnie-Cate happily made the swap back to agency life to join the BatesMeron team. From social to shopper to SEO to integrated campaigns and more, they bring a breadth of marketing know-how and unbridled enthusiasm to the table. Whether you’re looking for someone to break your brand into a new market, scour web pages and spreadsheets to find optimal keywords or debate the Oxford comma, Bonnie-Cate is your person for the job.

Always eager to learn and experience something new, Bonnie-Cate is on a personal mission to eat as many kinds of potatoes as possible. Their current favorite? Sichuan Stir-Fried Potatoes.