Amy Clardy

director, client services Dog lover. Taco Bell Fire Sauce fan.

Here at BatesMeron, we all know Amy as the go-to for deep organizational process expertise. Or dog treats, if you’re one of our canine coworkers. A seasoned and accomplished account manager, Amy is skilled in everything from project management to creative direction and marketing. She started her career with a degree in Marketing and Merchandising from Western Illinois University, and from there honed her specialty in consumer-packaged goods and retail design working at various agencies for clients like Procter & Gamble and iRobot. Native to Chicago, these positions took her everywhere from Los Angeles to New York before she came back home and found her place on our team. With the heart of a creative and the mind of a marketer, Amy is a dedicated question-asker, problem solver and creative thinker that is the ideal liaison between our creative department and our clients. Her rich blend of intelligence, wit and sarcasm keeps us all on our toes, and her focused energy and team-oriented mindset helps deliver high-quality creative work to clients—on time and on budget. Outside of work, Amy’s just as on top of things. Her organizational skills are regularly refined through obsessive to-do-list-making, but she also loves exploring the city and getting crafty in the kitchen. However, nothing competes with her two biggest obsessions: Taco Bell Fire Sauce and her dog, Ralphie. Seriously, next time you find yourself at the BatesMeron office, ask Amy for a dog treat. We guarantee she'll deliver—after all, she always does.